11 days with no technology (well almost)


You don’t realise how dependent on technology you are until you have to manage without it!  I’d planned a week away at the Lake District, to do some walking.  I’d toyed with the idea of taking a laptop to use with my mobile broadband (on Three) – that was until I’d checked the coverage.  The online coverage checker suggested that I’d get a 2G signal so I wouldn’t be able to use the internet.  My Nokia N95 (also on Three) can use a 2G signal so I decided I’d make to with that.  When I arrived at Troutbeck in the Lakes I found out that I had no signal, the nearest place to get a 2G signal was a 30 minute walk up a steep hill. 

Over the course of the 10 days:
  • I couldn’t read my emails (have you tried using Google mail in the middle of nowhere on a GPRS connection?)
  • I couldn’t follow my RSS feeds of blogs/tech news
  • No web surfing
  • No chance to use Twitter
  • Uploads through Shozu from my N95 took an age to upload to Flickr
  • Podcasts had to be grabbed while I did the shopping at the local supermarket (the only place I got a 3G connection)
Strangely enough the world didn’t stop turning and I coped!  The Nintendo DS got a little more use (multi-player Mario Party FTW!) and terrestrial TV seemed more inviting than usual.   Perhaps we need to take a step back from time to time and look at how we coped before we were permanently connected to the net.

Incidentally for those who want to see my holiday snaps check out this link.

btw thanks to khedara for the Nokia image.