I want to buy a tablet but which to buy ??? Android or iOS? (Advice sought)


I’ve been fancying a tablet for a while, hoping to replace my Lenovo Thinkpad which seems to be stationed permanently on my lap.

My initial thought was to buy an iPad 2 since they have the biggest share of the market but I love Android.  I love the openness – I run the Cyanogenmod software (rather than the nasty rubbish that HTC supplied it with).  I like my Swype keyboard, I worship the close ties with Gmail (which I use for home and work mail) and other Google services.

On the other hand I like Apple hardware, there’s a range of third party accessories, an app store full of decent software and you get a user experience that’s bound to be good.  I prefer Android to my iPod touch and I HATE using my Gmail account on iOS, but I keep watching the videos of iOS 5 and telling myself it will get better. 

So why can’t I make my mind up between the platforms?  I don’t see the point in buying apps twice, and it makes sense to use the same platform for both phone and tablet.  Apple certainly encourages this with their forthcoming iCloud service which looks amazing.

But that got me thinking why stop there?  I think if I have an iPad and an iPhone, why not get a MacBook as well?  The app store is good, and all the techy Americans seem to use them as machine of choice.  I’m stuck with a Windows laptop at work but I’m sure I could get used to using two different operating systems.

So there you have my dilemma – if I buy an iPad I just know I’ll end up with the full Apple ecosystem within a few  months.  Common sense says to stick with Android but life is too short to always listen to your head!

Objective comments and advice please!

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  1. For me I go to Android. But still it depends upon your choice. Android has a running OS that operates a gadget fast. Besides Android tablet has a lot of specs and features to offer.

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