Necklace ban for men as Tehran’s ‘moral police’ enforce dress code | World news | The Guardian

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran’s supreme leader, normally appoints the head of the body under which the country’s moral police function. Photograph: Ho/EPA

Iranian men have been banned from wearing necklaces in the latest crackdown by the Islamic regime on “un-Islamic” clothing and haircuts

I wonder how I’d stand with my lack of hair!

Do low turn-outs give the teaching unions the mandate they claim they have to strike? [opinion]

About 220,000 NUT members were balloted over the pensions changes. Around nine out of 10 (or 92%) of those who voted, backed the strike action with a turn-out of 40%.

And just over half of the ATL’s 160,000 members took part in a separate ballot over changes to the Teacher Pension Scheme – the rest are not members of the scheme.

Some 83% of the ATL members who voted backed the strike action. The turn-out was 35%.

I was surprised by the turn-out for the teaching unions – I know if/when the NASUWT ballot I’ll be voting to prevent/dilute down the government’s proposals for changing teacher pensions.

These have to be disappointing turn-out figures though for one of the biggest issues to face teachers in a long time. Do teachers not care or are they just so down trodden by the current and previous governments that they no longer have the will to fight?